C.U. Cycling Supports Ecology Ottawa’s Campaign for Complete Streets

C.U. Cycling supports Ecology Ottawa’s report Ottawa or Autowa? A Report on How the City of Ottawa can become a Leader in Sustainable Transportation and their campaign for complete streets.


Join us: in voice your support for Complete Streets for Ottawa!

C.U. Cycling strongly supports sustainable transportation as a viable goal for the City of Ottawa. As the population increases, public transportation, cycling, and walking must be promoted as viable transportation options. As the report states, “the construction of new bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure is another prominent example of cost-effective investments that would yield a better bang for taxpayer bucks.”

It is encouraging that the 2012 budget includes “funding for 70km of new on-road bicycle lanes and paved shoulders.” This must continue for a safer, more sustainable city.

Specifically,  C.U. Cycling endorses the following three proposals:

  1. For the City of Ottawa to commit to Complete Streets in the Official Plan and Transportation Master Plan to at least as high a level as Waterloo has.
  2. That the City ensures the East-West Bikeway actually speeds cyclists across the downtown so that cyclists are prioritized at intersections along the Bikeway either through a ‘Green Wave’ or other type of system.
  3. Come budget time, the City of Ottawa needs to spend far more on improving pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and far less on building new roads or widening existing ones.

Complete streets mean everyone is included. C.U. Cycling supports the complete streets initiative to make roads safer for the entire community and for citizens of every age and ability. The Carleton University campus is home to many students, staff, faculty, alumni, and neighbours. We rely on public and active transit to get to campus and to get around the city. Therefore, we support the complete streets initiative.

C.U. Cycling looks forward to continue working with organizations such as Ecology Ottawa in an effort to make Ottawa a safer place for cyclists.


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