Weekly bike rides: Saturdays at 11am

Location of meeting place for bike rides at University Centre (green dot)

Location of meeting place for bike rides at University Centre (green dot)

C.U. Cycling will be offering weekly bike rides starting May 25 each Saturday at 11am!* Meet in front of the University Centre building.

You can find it on a map, labeled UC. It’s across from parking lot P2 just southwest of the o-train station and bus stops.

Saturday was the most popular option in the survey we released and 9am, 10am, and 11am were the most popular times.

Please show up at 10:45am so that we will be ready to leave at 11am on the dot!

Also, please try to pack some food or a lunch for the post-ride!

Route Information

Routes will go through multi-use pathways, bike lanes, and quiet streets. We will be traveling at a laid-back pace, so don’t worry about trying to keep up! We’re not looking to race; we’re just out for a nice bike ride! The ride will take roughly 1 hour and we’ll increase the distance traveled over the summer.

If you plan on riding with us, please review the Ministry of Transportation’s Cycling Skills website and click through the links in the table of contents. We will be using hand signals, stopping at all applicable traffic signs and lights, and we will be taking the road if we bike on a road.

Getting to Carleton University

If you are driving to Carleton University, parking costs $3 for the day. Refer to the Visitor Parking page and parking map .pdf for more information.

If you are taking the bus to Carleton University, route #107 serves the university and has bike racks, so you can take up to two bikes on the bus. The route is 12 minutes from South Keys and 13 minutes from Lebreton station.

Suggestions, ideas?

If you have any route suggestions or questions, please feel free to comment on this post, comment on our Facebook page, email us, or give us a shout on Twitter!

Also, you can join our event on Facebook.

* Bike rides originally started at 10am, but were changed to 11am later in the season.


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