Sign the petition for segregated bike lanes in Ottawa

The Ottawa Bicycle Lanes Project is Ottawa’s newest cycling NGO and they have one very specific goal: a segregated bicycle lane network through all the major districts of Ottawa. This means Laurier Avenue won’t be the only segregated bike lane. In fact, it would be one of many in the city. Although this means that the Laurier Bike Lane parody twitter account may have a bit of competition, we think this will be a good thing.

Want to help? First, sign the petition!


You can also check out their ultra cute, ultra fun video below:

Still not sure what’s going on? Apartment 613 recently interviewed co-founder Michael Napiorkowski, writing:

Motivated to make Ottawa a better city, two local residents have launched an online site that seeks to promote mass cycling.

The Ottawa Bicycle Lanes Project was founded earlier this month by Michael Napiorkowski and Maayke Schurer.  Conceived as a non-profit community, the initiative wants to convince City Hall to install a network of segregated bike lanes throughout Ottawa’s major districts.

If the duo’s vision is implemented, segregated bicycle lanes would be implemented in such areas as Sparks, Westboro, the ByWard Market, the Glebe, Hintonburg, Beechwood and Old Ottawa South […]

One of the key aims of the site is to combat the many myths surrounding cycling, such as the mistaken belief that segregated bike lines are bad for retailers […]

“If we want to have mass cycling it needs to take people to the places that they need to be, ” says Napiorkowski.  ”It makes no sense for the lanes to be only on winding streets or parkways.”

You can read the full article on Apartment 613.

C.U. Cycling is a supporter of, which means you can find our logo on their website and basically that we think it’s a great idea. Members of the Carleton community know that while biking around campus and near the locks is easy, Bronson poses a massive obstacle for anyone heading east, north, and south. And that’s a lot of obstacles.

Sign the petition or ask a company if they support segregated bike lanes. Companies such as Bridgehead and the Hintonburg Public House have already expressed their support because they know that cyclists are great for business. Parking spots are smaller, so they don’t have to worry about providing free parking. has been amassing a collection of research that demonstrates how bikes help boost sales. So spread the word and try to build support because we’ll need it if we want to keep building.


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