Cycling at Carleton

Cycling Route map

Curious to know what’s the best route to get to campus? Here are some suggested routes for getting to, through, and from campus.

Please email us at email if you would like to suggest a route.

Cycling Resources on Campus

Location of the bike repair stand near the Architecture Building

Location of the bike repair stand (green ‘x’)

Bike Repair Stand

There is a bike pump and bike repair station located at the northwest side of the Architecture building near the ramp across to Mackenzie Building.

The repair station is bright green.

The repair station was funded by the Graduate Students’ Association. If you have any problems or notice any problems, please let them know!

Secure Bike Storage

Location of Secure Bike Storage

Location of Secure Bike Storage (purple ‘x’)

Secure bike storage is available for a fee of $10 per year (fall and winter semesters). The secure bike storage facility is located underneath the pool deck at athletics and is encased on two sides by a black fence. A swipe card is available for purchase through Parking Services and can be purchased online through ParkAdmin. Note that while the facility itself is secure, you must provide your own lock.

University Policies

According to the “Bicycle, Rollerblade, Scooter, and Skate Board Policy,” bicycles can be used on public roadways and sidewalks in a “courteous and safe manner.”

Bicycles are not permitted in buildings (“except in approved storage areas”) or in the underground tunnels. They may not block “access to exits, and corridors used by the public, including outdoor areas. Such areas must be kept clear of obstruction.”

For the full policy, refer to the link (above).

Cycling and OC Transpo

If you’re taking public transit and biking to campus, you can bring your bike onto the O-Train. Busing with your bike is a little trickier because none of the buses that serve Carleton University are equipped with racks as a part of the Rack & Roll program.

If you are taking your bike onto the O-Train, look for the green bicycle sticker on the doors. You cannot load your bike onto the middle doors; only the right or left set of doors.

You can bring your bike onto a bus, but it is at the driver’s discretion. Even if the bus is empty, they may still choose not to let you on board the bus. If it is full, you will likely not be permitted on the bus.

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2 responses to “Cycling at Carleton

  1. The “Private Property” signs at entrances to Carleton make it unfriendly to cyclists passing through. I don’t think Carleton University is private property. It is a provincial institution.

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