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Used bicycles

If you want a used bicycle, your best bet is to hit up Cycle Salvation. Note that mountain bikes and hybrids are the easiest and cheapest to find! If you’re looking for a road bike, Dutch bike, or cruiser, you’ll pay more for a full build or you may have to spring for a new bike.

  • Cycle Salvation, accessible by bus, located at the corner of Bronson and Gladstone
  • Rentabike sells some bikes when they retire them at the end of the season
  • Recyclore sells some bicycles
  • is always a hotspot for used bicycles, but make sure you know what frame size you need – many ads will list bicycles by their tire size; this is not very helpful. If they don’t list the frame size, message the seller and ask. Most will measure their bikes for you.

Repair Shops/ diy

If you know how to fix up bikes, there are a few places in Ottawa that offer you the tools to do it yourself:

  • The SFUO Bike Co-Op is located on the Lees Campus of the University of Ottawa. You don’t have to be a U Ottawa student to use their services. They have the best hours of all the DIY shops.
  • Recycles is just up the road from Carleton. Volunteer with them to learn more about bikes! Note that Re-Cycles is co-located with Cycle Salvation – they’re two separate organizations!
  • RightBike has DIY repair hours during the summer months.

If you need bike repairs, check out any of the bike shops below. Alternatively, there are a few other services in Ottawa that may be of use:

Local Bike Shops

Full list and map


West End

South End

East End


Cycling Events

Note: some information adapted from the /r/BikeInOttawa Wiki. You can find even more resources on the /r/BikeInOttawa Wiki here!


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