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Display Boards from the Bronson Ave Crossing Open House

The display boards from the Bronson Pedestrian & Cycling Crossing near Colonel By Ramps Open House are now available on David Chernushenko’s website. We’ve also uploaded the files here:

For more information and to provide comments on the proposed changes,   contact:

Shawn McGuire
Coordinator, Cycling and Pedestrian Safety
City of Ottawa
100 Constellation Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2G 6J8
613-580-2424, ext. 32576

Upcoming second open house

If you missed the open house at Carleton, a second one will be hosted in the Greenboro-South Keys neighbourhood.

  • Date: Monday, December 15
  • Time: 7 – 9 p.m
  • Location: Greenboro Community Centre (Room A-B), 363 Lorry Greenberg Dr.

C.U. Cycling Supports Ecology Ottawa’s Campaign for Complete Streets

C.U. Cycling supports Ecology Ottawa’s report Ottawa or Autowa? A Report on How the City of Ottawa can become a Leader in Sustainable Transportation and their campaign for complete streets.


Join us: in voice your support for Complete Streets for Ottawa!

C.U. Cycling strongly supports sustainable transportation as a viable goal for the City of Ottawa. As the population increases, public transportation, cycling, and walking must be promoted as viable transportation options. As the report states, “the construction of new bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure is another prominent example of cost-effective investments that would yield a better bang for taxpayer bucks.”

It is encouraging that the 2012 budget includes “funding for 70km of new on-road bicycle lanes and paved shoulders.” This must continue for a safer, more sustainable city.

Specifically,  C.U. Cycling endorses the following three proposals:

  1. For the City of Ottawa to commit to Complete Streets in the Official Plan and Transportation Master Plan to at least as high a level as Waterloo has.
  2. That the City ensures the East-West Bikeway actually speeds cyclists across the downtown so that cyclists are prioritized at intersections along the Bikeway either through a ‘Green Wave’ or other type of system.
  3. Come budget time, the City of Ottawa needs to spend far more on improving pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and far less on building new roads or widening existing ones.

Complete streets mean everyone is included. C.U. Cycling supports the complete streets initiative to make roads safer for the entire community and for citizens of every age and ability. The Carleton University campus is home to many students, staff, faculty, alumni, and neighbours. We rely on public and active transit to get to campus and to get around the city. Therefore, we support the complete streets initiative.

C.U. Cycling looks forward to continue working with organizations such as Ecology Ottawa in an effort to make Ottawa a safer place for cyclists.

Bronson Operational and Safety Review Open House: Display Boards

David Chernushenko has posted the display boards for tonight’s Open House on his website (pdf), which outlines:

  • the study purpose
  • existing conditions
  • issues identified
  • conceptual cross-sections
  • conceptual short-term treatments (on the bridge and at Sunnyside  Ave and Brewer Way)
  • conceptual medium-term treatments
  • next steps

Conceptual short-term treatments include:

  • Shortening the right-turn lane at Findlay Ave on Bronson Ave northbound
  • Installing signage to alert drivers/ pedestrians of cyclists
  • Shortening the southbound right-turn lane on Bronson to Colonel By Drive
  • Improving the visibility of crosswalks at Sunnyside Ave and Bronson Ave
  • Relocating the bus stop on Bronson Ave at Brewer Way farther south, near the lights
  • Installing a pedestrian/ cyclist crossing at Bronson Ave and Brewer Way
  • Installing a push button for cyclists at the intersection of Bronson Ave and Brewer Way (on the Carleton, west side of Bronson)

Conceptual medium-term treatments include:

  • Installing signage
  • Signalized crossing for pedestrians and cyclists north of the gravel path leaving Carleton
  • A bi-directional bike path on the west side of northbound Bronson Ave. This would allow cyclists heading north on the gravel path at Carleton to continue north, cross at the signal (go east), and then continue north, but on the east side of Bronson Ave.
  • Modifying the ramps to Bronson Place and Colonel By Drive

Also see Alex de Vries explanation of the proposed changes with some great diagrams. This explains the major changes proposed.

What do you think of the proposal? What would you change? What do you like? Leave a comment!

Contact the City

Comments or suggestions can be directed to Shawn.McGuire@ottawa before the report is finalized and sent to Transportation Committee in April.